Fall Agenda 2017


WE gather together in a circle of light and open to the divinity of the Infinite Oneness.  Our light flows from the sacred source through our hearts to illuminate our mind, body, and spirit awakening us to a state of love and harmony.  Now is the time of all times, we are transmuting the distortions of the old world of fear and opening to the Light of Creation. “ We are the Ones We have been waiting for”. We are the promise of the new awakening of peace.  We open to receive the gifts of light from the master planes and allow them to flow through us to awaken the New Heaven New Earth.








Herbert van Erkelens and Judith Moore

11:00 Am to 4:00 PM Saturday September 9, 2017

Sufi Center Haarlem (onder voorbehoud)

Burgwal 38 zw – 40

2011 BE Haarlem

Bring your own lunch


Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Register through email herbertvanerkelens (at) gmail.com or 023 – 5331088

Thoth is weaving a mantle of golden light from the Emerald Tablet. It is the fabric of the New Reality.   It has not yet entered physical manifestation and is being formed of light in the master plane. The mantle of light will illuminate the fabric of reality flowing with the harmonics of the Golden Genesis, through the quantum mechanics of time /space. All that is woven in Creation shall manifest on the material plane  Weare the vessels of light that shall receive this pure alchemy and bring it into manifestation.

Thoth is an Omni Essence of a force of creation, The Great Wisdom and Master of Time.  He is an intelligent force of the consciousness of Universal Oneness who manifest in the persona of Thoth and also as Hermes.  Thoth is humanities link to the greater reality.  There is a great order to this plan in Creation. It transcends all-knowing and is beyond the comprehension of the human mind and, thus, it can only be understood through the heart and the soul. The only way to understand this is to know that the universe was created by this force, and it is by the power and the Will of Creation that Earth shall ascend and not be destroyed.  The Earth shall pass through the narrow gate, in a passage of both quantum time and spherical time/space that cannot be defined by linear reality, and yet there must be an opening in the material plane that brings this light to the world. We will open the Mantle of Golden Light woven by Thoth and receive it through our mind, body and soul as a conscious vibration of love that manifest in the Material reality though our consciousness.

Herbert and Judith combine the power of alchemy with the power of the Oracles Message to weave a truly enlightening experience for all who make the journey with them beyond the linear reality.




De Bronhoeve  www.bronhoeve.com,

Felix & Arja Erkelens

Ossenwaard 14

3945PG Cothen


 Register by email : arida@planet.nl

 Saturday September 16, 2017

 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Bring your own lunch

The Egyptian Mystery Schools are deeply woven into the alchemy of the Resurrection.   The Holy Tone was released from Dendera activating the powerful alchemy of power of the Golden Isis and the Golden Osiris during the resurrection.  Mary Magdalene  received the Holy Tone in the Tomb of Lazarus as she healed the soul wounds that Jesus took on from humanity during his betrayal.  These wounds are the deepest wounds of humanities soul which are created by hatred, betrayal, greed and prejudice.   Mary Magdalene has spoken from her immortal consciousness that now is the time of the greatest miracle known to mankind, the healing of the wounds of the soul of humanity.  WE are all wounded souls, we have experienced the suffering caused by hatred, betrayal and greed in many lifetimes. We carry the wounds of our ancestors and of society.   Judith will open to the Golden Isis and the miracle of the resurrection through the immortal essence of Mary Magdalene to heal our soul wounds.  Nynke is the sacred sound musician that I met on Iona. We toned the tones of Illumination in the chapel.  Mystical forces brought us together.  The knowledge of the Holy Tone came from her soul records. Nynke will tone the Holy Tone that was released from Dendera in Egypt during the resurrection and the miraculous healing of the wound in the side of Jesus in the tomb.



Saturday October 7, 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Lya Jorissen and Judith

  Location to be announced Contactlyajorissen@hotmail.com

Grandmother Lya beats her sacred drum calling us to council. The ancients are waiting for us to gather and open our hearts to their wisdom the grandmothers speak and share their sacred power when we gather. We need their wisdom, we need their spirit medicine to help us be in balance.  “Return, return they say, you were meant to gather in the sacred circle, you know the rhythm, come home to our spirit.”  We will journey together to their sacred lodge, they are waiting for us to come.  We will bring offerings, and sing songs that honor their ancient knowledge and pray together for the balance to return.    Bring your rattles, drums and sacred offerings.  The ancients are returning now their messages will be spoken bringing wisdom to our world.




Centrum Opthoff ; Eric and Jos- Holland

Saturday October 14, 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Margriet Tegenbosch and Judith


We open to the power of Universal Oneness for the transformation of our reality. All of the forces of creation are in a state of Genesis now.  Our world has been fragmented with distortions that interfere with the flow of Universal Forces.  As the veil lifts the power of creation flows through our essence and fills us with Liquid Light.  This change is mirrored in the ancient wisdoms, as the masters received the power of this force but it was not able to enter the collective and fully anchor to bring reality into balance with ONENESS.  The veil has lifted, we are no longer separate as we once were.  Our heart knows this and as we enter a state of co-creation with Universal forces our reality mirrors the oneness.  The world around us is in chaos, and we are challenged on every level energetically and emotionally.  It is all part of the change it is all part of the great plan for awakening humanity and changing the nature of Reality.  We will enter a state of grace together to thin the veil even more. We will open our mind body and spirit to receive the light of Creation and let it flow into us illumination our consciousness.  Then as vessels of light we will do what is natural, let it flow into the world. Join me in this gift.  With joy we will dance in the power of the Oneness.



Great White Whale Center

Friday October 20, 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Website: www.greatwhitewhalecenter.com

We open to the powerful force of the Great Central Sun and the Solar Sun in Inner earth for this initiation.  We will activate the Seven Solar Chakras with the Isis Tones opening our solar light bodies.   We are all solar beings. The life giving force of the solar source is the power that generated energy into our light bodies for awakening and ascension.  Throughout our mystical journey as solar beings we have experienced the solar alignments on the power centers of the grid. Our light bodies resonate with the solar sources in sacred sites throughout the world.   We will open the our Solar archives that contain the memory of our alignment with the sun temples, sacred circles and solar ceremonies and the solar power.  As our archives open the power of the solar source will flow through the solar chakras and into our light bodies activating the solar codes in our light bodies.   Once the solar force is opened we will channel it into the world grid to energize the solar centers on the planet and open the solar gateways.  This is a transformational experience. You are ask to prepare before you come, come ready to be present , grounded and open to the powerful solar force which, heals, rejuvenates and opens our consciousness.

Saturday October 21, 1:00 to 4:00 PM
Rik Scheldeman and Judith


Rik and Judith have been called by the ancient Inca Ancestors with this message.  We will create sacred space to receive their light in this world as they cross the Rainbow Bridge. The Ancients knew that their world would end, and the wisdom keepers that still dwell upon the Earth have carried within their soul the light that they brought from the Universe when the mighty beings came here to teach the people Universal Law and the power of cosmic principles. They came from the sun, bringing the solar force to Earth, to open, here in this world, the spaces between the spaces of everything for the flow of the Universe to empower the mysticism that was a spiritual force of the Ancients.

The Old Ones have called you to stand between the worlds and to receive their treasures, their gifts and their power, to carry these, the most precious wisdom of their spiritual knowledge. As you cross the bridge to the new beginning of light, you shall reach out into the Universe and beyond for that which was given and received by the Ancients, was the power of the Universe in that world that they lived in.

The world is changing. Their way is of a world that will no longer be. For it cannot be as it was, and yet there must be a sky place that must come to Earth, an opening in the heavens for the Great Ones to return and bring the light that is beginning to form itself of Creation, the power of that light and the wisdom of that light to this world.


Saturday October 28, 11:00 to 5:00 PM


The soul of humanity has been wounded by the generational bondage of violence, hatred, fear and betrayal.  We are witnesses of this wound as innocent people suffer and the environment of the earth is compromised. We have felt the pain in life time after lifetime. It is time for this to heal now.  As a visionary Judith has been taken deeply into the mystical realms of the secrets of the Grail, and the mysteries of Egypt. She has entered the inner sanctum and been given the keys of the hidden mysteries. The light flows from these mystical sources with an alchemical forces that is activated to heal the wounded soul of humanity and to restore peace. It is true, only a miracle can shift the reality and awaken mankind to a higher state of consciousness.    This is the miracle of all miracles. Mary Magdalene is an immortal being. Through the embodiment of Mary Magdalene, Judith will guide you deep into the mystical realms to awaken the Holy Power of the miracle of the resurrection for the healing of our world. The Holy Tone of the Golden Isis restored the wounded Osiris as it will restore our wounded souls and the soul of the world. The Hathors will release the Holy Tone opening us to tone the sacred power.  This is a soul journey that is life changing.  Master Jesus Spoke saying “What I have done you will do only greater” and “If you have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains.“





Arrive AMS  Wednesday September 6

Guido Jonkers   September 6-11

Herbert van Erkelens Thoth Initiation Saturday September 9

Felix and Arja  Monday  Sept 11, through Sunday Sept 17

Light Initiation and Readings

Travel Sept 24- to Oct 1

Lya  Jorrissen Wed.  Oct 4 – Saturday Oct. 7

Grandmother Gathering and Readings

  Eric Jos and Margriet   Tuesday Oct 7 through Tuesday Oct 17

Light Initiation  and Readings

(Travel to Eric and Jos after GM workshop on the 7th)

GWWC Tuesday Oct.-17 through Thurs. Nov. 2

Light Initiation and Readings

Return home 11-7


Centre De Bronhoeve Holland

Light Initiation  and Readings

Felix and Arja  Erkelens

De Bronhoeve
Ossenwaard 14
3945 PG Cothen
Scheduling for sessions, preference by email: arida@planet.nl

Phone at home: O343-562454, phone Arja: 06-46140200.

Lya Jorrissen , Holland

Grandmother Gathering and Readings


Centrum Opthoff ; Eric and Jos- Holland-

            Light Initiations and Readings

Jos Verhoeven en Eric de Jager ; Margriete Tagenbosch

Light Initiation and Readings

opthoffvanv@hetnet.nl         margriet.tegenbosch@onsneteindhoven.nl

              Location: Villenbraken 10 / A 

             5492 ND  St. Oedenrode, Holland


Great White Whale Center Belgium

            Light Initiations and Readings


Website: www.greatwhitewhalecenter.com

Location:  Borsbeek , Belgium



Mary Magdalene Speaks

I speak of the wounds of the Christ and the healing of the human soul. These are the wounds that are created from betrayal, from hatred and from the religious conflict that creates the holy wars. It is at the root of separation of humans through religious ideologies that deny the existence of One Living God that ministers to all of the children of Earth regardless of their faith and regardless of their religious practice.

Every soul is precious to the Living God and is part of the Immortal Body.

The soul cannot be separate from God, for God is Creation and all that is manifest from Creation is manifest of love.

The human consciousness is very powerful and humans have the capacity to rise up and be liberated. Yet they have been slaves of a disruptive force that is energetic in the collective reality. It has formed abscesses, wounds and lesions in the collective consciousness that has weakened the power of life which restores and heals the Living Body.

Hatred created these wounds as was demonstrated by the denial of Christ.
These wounds go deep into the soul of human existence.

The power of the alchemical force, which was created by the Masters of the Way, can only be understood as an unearthly power that has entered the material plane through the Ages from the Master Plane and became eternal through the ancient mysteries.