Judith: ‘Due to the uncertainty of the borders I have been guided to cancel my Spring Agenda in Holland and Belgium. I have learned from Walter at the Great White Whale Center in Belgium that the border between Holland and Belgium is restricted.’ (March 16, 2020) 


Intention Spring 2020
Our intention is to open our consciousness to the Divine Harmonics of Creation through the Ancient Mysteries and the Alchemical Forces at work in the transformation of our reality.  Everything in our reality is energy, we are a living hologram of totality.  We are fractals of the fractaline universe. We are a mirror of reality.  As we awaken we become sacred instruments of the Divine Oneness.  We intend to attune our physical bodies, energy bodies, and our light bodies to resonate with our divine plan and the Divine Plan of our reality.  We will engage with the living prophecy.  The living prophecy guides humanity to a new state of Oneness that transcends the limits of duality as it has distorted our physical reality.  Then through the prayer of intention we will send this precious vibration into the living hologram of our precious mother planet and humanity.