Now is the time for the miraculous power of the Feminine Force of Creation to enter a higher level of manifestation for the transformation of consciousness and the reality shift of our beloved Mother Planet and all of Humanity. Women are stepping forward for liberation and to take leadership in the world.  I have seen evidence of the rising of the feminine power since we activated the Peace Grail on May 25th in Glastonbury.  We have worked for years to build the energy systems for the alchemy of transformation. The Master Key is fully active now and is a Force of Creation that empowers transformation and co-creation with the Master Plane in the multi-dimensional reality.  The events will be guided from the highest source of the miraculous power of the New Feminine Force of Creation through the essence of the Sophia of Wisdom.  “We are the Ones We have waited for.”



Awakening the Pearl of Wisdom
Initiation by the Sophia of Wisdom

11:00 AM to 4:00 PM all centers

Center of Ank and Marc
Saturday September 21, 2019
Center of Eric and Jos
Saturday October 5, 2019
Great White Whale Center
Saturday October 19, 2019

This initiation opens the Pearl of Wisdom within your consciousness.  Judith will open to the Immortal Divine Consciousness of the Sophia of Wisdom and channel her essence through the heart resonance.  We will receive an infusion of the essence of the Sophia of Wisdom from Creation awakening the natural divine principle of compassion within your consciousness.  The initiating is intended to accelerate your ascension process and open you to a new level of Oneness.

Message from the Sophia of Wisdom:
“Each individual has an opportunity to engage in conflicting relationship, which creates discordant reality or to awaken to the bio energetics of Creation that is an organic force of consciousness.
The human mind seeks to take action, motivating the persona to adapt a belief system of an ideology that reality is dependent on, right and wrong action and the consequences of behavior. Within the human psyche there is a Pearl of Wisdom. It is natural. It is part of a force that created the Earth and the balance of the ecosystems or what you call the cycle of life.
Within the Pearl of Wisdom is the essence of compassion. Compassion is greater than the need for humans to have control of their destiny or control of others.  Compassion is the loam of consciousness. Compassion evolves from the source of Infinite Oneness that is the love that formed Creation and formed the consciousness of the human soul.”

Women’s Group Grail Mediation

Great White Whale Center
7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Thursday October 17, 2019

We gather together in a circle of light to honor the power of the Divine Feminine awakening in our consciousness for a meditation that empowers us as women and women in the world.  Long ago women gathered in sacred circles to celebrate the power of woman.  Now our time is at hand.  The Peace Grail was initiated in Glastonbury UK on May 25th and at the gathering in the GWWC.  It is a powerful force flowing from the Feminine God Source to empower Women Who Wage Peace and Feminine liberation and leadership in the world to make change.   We are living Grails. We will open our hearts to receive the light of the Living Grail and pour it forth into the world. This will open a powerful resonance for the coming initiations by the Sophia of Wisdom in the following weekends.

Restoring the Primordial Human DNA of the God Code
Sophia of Wisdom


 Great White Whale Center
Saturday October 26, 2019
1:00 to 5:00 PM

This will be an intensive DNA activation from the essence of the Sophia of Wisdom. Judith will open to her divine consciousness to invoke the Immortal Mastery of the Sophia of Wisdom to activate the God Particle of your primordial human DNA and to resolve the ET DNA manipulations. The intention of this initiation is to be a catalyst for the collective reunion and union with the purest principles of the bio energetic of the human soul and Creation.

Message Sophia of Wisdom:

Divine Ones, you are far more incredible then what you have been able to understand.  You are part of a plan of Creation to restore Oneness.  Within your DNA is the ascension code for the Genesis of Creation.  It is primordial in the Human DNA and in the Planetary DNA.   The earth is being infused with powerful vibrations from Creation awakening the precious Pearl of Wisdom within the human soul, and opening the heart resonance for the evolution of consciousness out of duality and into the Oneness of Love.
Throughout the Ages humanity has been observed by highly intelligent species who realize that the evolution of consciousness of the Earth affects the zones of energy of consciousness in many other realms, realities and planetary systems. Because Earth is a genetic key to material existence. That which attains a state of knowing, eternal wisdom within the human psyche actually expands potential for other such energies to develop, in the consciousness of other species.
Have you ever wondered why humans have continued to rise up and opposed enslavement? By the nature of human existence, human consciousness seeks a creative force that is the co-creation of the bio energetic synthesis of Creation and not lesser systems that are made not created, manipulated and not evolving naturally from the Source of Oneness.  By the nature of human consciousness, humanity will ultimately choose love. Because the human soul carries within it the Pearl of Wisdom that is the compassion which was created by love. Compassion is a force of Creation.  It is the nature of the origin of the human soul and the primordial force of human existence. 
Blessed be, so be it and so it is.
Note : Please attend the Awakening the Pearl of Wisdom  as it will greatly accelerate your energy for this initiation.

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