Over the years since I began my work in Holland in Belgium in 2004 we have gathered energy. Each event has activated a sacred alchemy that is powerful and is in the field.  Our intention is to prepare for the highest service of Love and our divine spiritual purpose as light workers and emissaries of peace.

 2018 is the most intense year of the 13 years of the apocalypse.  The world events reflect this as negative energies surfacing to be transmuted and transformed with love light and consciousness. We as light workers are working overtime to transmute this negativity and transcend duality; on a personal and collective level.

The light activations this spring (2018)  bring in a new harmonic of light and sound vibrations that the Masters of Universal Oneness call the Insurgence of the Light of Metatron on Earth. 


 2019 marks a 6 year cycle of the power of the light insurgence of the Light of Metatron that is generated from Cosmic Forces and Creation itself.   This power demands change and transformation of existing structures that oppress humanity and abuse the earth and all living things.  The power will come from within not from forces outside of the system. The Insurgence of the Light of Metatron creates a light structures that are a pure vibration of heart frequencies and sustain ONENESS at the core of the reality structure of the planet.  All other existing structures that carry distortions and are not in balance with the Law of the Universe will absolutely be transformed by this power.   We prepare the sacred loam of consciousness to receive this Light that lights the world and prepare for the power of the next 6 years, 2019 through 2024. During these years the earth will fully integrate and anchor the new time frequencies of the Galactic 13 Time Spell, the Time Line of the New Earth. 

I was surprised when the Masters of Universal Oneness used the word insurgence of light. And to tell the truth at first I did not understand.  I checked the definition in Webster’s dictionary (see definition below) and  I ask  for more clarity from the Great Wisdom. Now I totally understand because it will take a power of God to make the changes that must be made.  I love the idea that it is a loving force, heart centered that brings change from within, but it does have authority and it demands change.  For me it feels miraculous. 

I have witnessed people by the thousands marching for change and calling out for peace.  I feel the momentum of this movement is the energy that is needed to receive this light.  It is the people that must make it happen, and not through violent revolution, that never worked.  The Insurgence of the Light of Metatron permeates reality and is the powerful force of love and fuel for change that is lasting not temporary. When the masters speak of the shift in reality this is what they mean.


Each event will be unique, as a light structure will be created from the vibration of each activation.  Then the sacred geometries of the light structures will form a living Merkaba and be anchored in the Merkaba in the garden of Bronheve.   Each individual will be healed, opened, and prepared with the light activations and initiations to channel this force.  We have our work cut out for us dear ones, and it will be a beautiful journey. 


Definition Webster’s Dictionary: open fighting against authority (as one’s own government) the insurgence eventually succeeded in undermining the corrupt dictatorship.



Arrive Monday; March 12, 2018

Guido  Jonkers; Haarlem, Holland   

Tuesday March 12-1617

 Saturday March 24; 11:00 Am to 4:00 PM

Lifting the Veil; Breath and Sacred Sound Light Body Activation

Agnes Thursday – Saturday March 15, 16,17

Irene Vollenhoven; Amsterdam, Holland

Saturday Evening; March 18-25

Travel to GWWC- March 25th

Great White Whale Center Borsbeek , Belgium

Walter and Nadine

Monday March 25 through April 11

Easter April 1

 Saturday, April 7 ; 11:00 Am to 4:00 PM

Lifting the Veil ; Breath and Sacred Sound Light Body Activation

 Sessions; as scheduled by Nadine

Travel-April 12th

Centrum Opthoff St. Oedenrode,  Holland-

Margriet, Eric and Jos

April 15 through May 1 (April 12, 13,&14 rest)

Saturday April 21, 11:00 Am to 4:00 PM

Lifting the Veil; Breath and Sacred Sound Light Body Activation

Sessions: as scheduled by Margriet

Travel-May 2

Lya Jorissen ;  Achtmal Holland

May, 3, 4, 5 & 6

Thursday May 3; Forrest Walk and Peace Meditation

Sessions: Thursday May 3 until 4 PM, all day Friday May 4

Travel – May 7 AM

Maya and Frieda; Brugge,  Belgium

May 8,9,10

Sessions: Tuesday May 8 & Wed. May 9

Thursday May 10; Peace meditation

Travel – May 11 AM


Jenny Menheere;   Zeeland, Holland

 May   12, 13, 14

Friday May 11; Peace meditation

Sessions:  Saturday May 12 and Monday May 14

Sacred Site and Elemental activations Sunday May 13


Travel AM   Tuesday 15th

 Bronhoeve: Cothen Holland

 Arja and Felix

May 15 – 21

 Saturday May 19; 11:00 Am to 4:00 PM

Lifting the Veil; Breath and Sacred Sound Light Body Activation

Sessions: Thursday May 17, Friday May 18,  Monday May 21

Home Friday June 8, 2017