Isis Calls to Heal Seth Through the Crisis in Egypt, January 29, 2011

We are all aware of the riots in Egypt and other countries that are under oppressive dictators. This is the beginning of the awakening of the power of Isis. She calls us with this channeled message to take action. We must send light to Egypt. Many of us have prayed in the temples in this life time and in ancient life times. Many of us have been visitors there and we have been blessed by the power of this mystical force. Whether you have visited or not you have felt the power awaken and it has deeply affected you. You are connected to the ancient mysteries of Egypt.

Now we are called to action. We have received initiations. Now we must tap into this power to strengthen the force of light in the Holy Land of Egypt. We, who have been visitors there, we have been blessed by the power of this mystical force. Go deep within and tap into the power that Isis speaks of in this message and focus the light through your heart. Here is her message please send it out to people everywhere. The time has come to empower the GIFT, and participate with the light to bring the transformation. Here are the words of Isis.

ISIS through Judith K. Moore and Sean Sands

Winged Isis

“I AM Isis, my veil lifts. Egypt is the Holy Land and the Body of Osiris is Egypt. I seek the fragmented pieces of my beloved, Osiris. That which was severed by Seth must be healed. Osiris, you are the hungry children of Egypt, you are the oppressed people. I will not rest until the children of Egypt are lifted up in the light. Hear my voice as I speak through the ones who suffer: “This is the revolution of the people who are hungry, this is the revolution of the people who have no money against those with a lot of money.”

That which begins in Egypt shall spread across the Earth. I am Isis, I awaken, my heart will no longer bear witness to the oppression of my people. I call the light from the Cosmic Isis. I call to the ancient power of the Immortals, you who have prayed in the temples. You have been initiated by the ancient ones, initiated with my light and the power that is returning. It is through your heart that the change will come. You now are the ones who set the people free as Moses once did. The call goes out now, send the light of your heart to my people. They need the light that I will send through you. Feed them love and compassion. Feed them the food the immortals that strengthens their souls. They shall rise in the light transforming the darkness that has ruled the people. I AM Isis, I call you to channel me, to channel my light for the sake of my people. The time of the restoration of Osiris is at hand. I call you now be my body, be my heart. It is this love that will heal Egypt. “

Blessed be, we are the light and the time has come for this light to heal the world.

Judith K. Moore © 2011

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