Judith in Amsterdam at the Whale House with Agnes van de Beek and the Crystal Skull Amigo. Just prior to this transmission Agnes, Amigo and I connected to the Whale DNA in the walls of her home. We toned the Hyperborean Tones of Creation.  It was the perfect vibration for this message.

The Arcturians: In the quantum reality, every vibration is harmonic with the life giving forces of Creation. You have entered a state of harmonic communion with the quantum reality that sustains a vibration of omni Oneness  that is optimum for genetic evolution. It is optimum because the quantum vibration resonates with very molecule of the DNA, of every living thing on the planet. This is a pure alchemy that catalyzes the consciousness within the cells to actively engage with the God particle, the living DNA  that honors and sustains life force energy.
The original DNA of the Corona virus is a transformative DNA. It is, by divine design, not created to destroy life, but rather to detoxify agents on a cellular level, purging and cleansing the cells from toxins that accumulate and lower the frequencies of the bio energetics of the organism.
The Corona virus was genetically altered, affecting the genomes in the RNA. (I can feel this very strong) And altering the original blueprint of the organism.  The Corona virus in itself is not malevolent. The relationship between human cells and human organisms and viruses is a delicate balance, as there is a positive reason for viruses’ existence. When an individual gets a virus and a fever rises or they feel aches and different symptoms, it is detoxifying particles within the cells that are not able to sustain a vibration that is conductive to the well- being of the organism, be that human or animal.

The genetically altered Corona virus lowers the resistance of the host and adversely affects the auto immune system. Humans dwell in a microbe of organisms, bacterial and viral. That if every single organism in this bio energetic of the viruses and bacteria of every single organism began to replicate and mutate, it would interfere with the link of the genetics to longevity, reproduction and cellular rejuvenation.
The key is found within cellular rejuvenation. Every nano second of human’s existence, the human is discharging energy, sloughing off cells and then the human organism being so amazing, it reproduces cells. It rejuvenates organs and this is a vital function of human existence. And it is why in the past, plagues have come but they have strengthened the human DNA. Ultimately they have strengthened the human DNA. Just as the viral strands in cancer are consciousness that has actually helped humans evolve and deal with repressed emotions of anger.
If you think of the human organism as one massive bio organism, like cells on the living body, each factor contributes to another factor and, as the awakened ones have evolved into a higher consciousness, they are part of an alchemical force for restoring the vital link in  human DNA  to bio genesis, sustainability of well-being and a higher vibration in the light cells of the living organism.

The Corona virus is a highly intelligent microorganism and within the structure of its blueprint, the intelligence of the Corona virus is aware that it is not life threatening. Those agents that are out of balance through the mutant vibration of elements that bonded to the Corona virus are life threatening. But the original cellular composition of the Corona virus is not life threatening. It is not within the original blueprint of the cells or the DNA of this microorganism. Thus the consciousness of the original blueprint of the origins of the intelligence of the Corona virus, by divine design, helps detox and clarify the cellular fluids from microorganisms that are life threatening. The mutant Corona virus is bonded with a chemical agent that is toxic but is certainly not a component of the origins of the microorganism. It was created in an experimental laboratory.
This communication is transmitted from the Galactic Council of Quantum Research. The council was formed to support humanity through the transition and for the viability of Earth and all species, all living organisms on the planet. We are an alliance of light with the Galactic Source that have analyzed the vibration of the mutation  that is anti-life and is not part of the original component of the cellular bio genetics of the Corona virus. Naturally, the consciousness of the Corona virus, being designed to heal, to detoxify, desires help. It needs help from the human organism to work with the life giving components that were originally designed for clearing and detoxing.
You may do so by connecting to all the bio organisms in your physical body on a cellular level and the bio energetic of the original Primordial human DNA, which is life sustaining. Open your consciousness to receive the active force of the God Particle within the whale DNA and the capacity the whales have to communicate to the morphogenetic field with the bio organisms on the planet, to the water molecules, enhancing the bio genetics of the origin of the DNA of the Corona virus, which resonates with the God particle.

It is essential that you understand, the Corina virus is an intelligent organism that is naturally healing, detoxifying, not life threatening. The toxic element that was bonded with the Corona virus in a laboratory, violated the bio genetic structure of the species of the viral community and violated its genetic codes. This analysis is from the evaluation of the genetic components of this pandemic.

Yes there was an agenda. The agenda was to create fear and also as a cleansing, like racial cleansing, of weaker humans. It is not necessary to feed the adverse reality by making a choice to give this agenda power. It has no power over human existence. It is important that everyone understands, the human DNA has reached a vibration that is bio genesis and will continue to rejuvenate and replicate the God Code within the quantum bio energetics of human DNA. DNA is highly intelligent and recognizes patterns within patterns and those that sustain life force vibration and those that are out of balance with the sustainability of bio energetics and viability of life on Earth.

The purpose of this meditation in the Whale Temple is to activate the vital link of life sustaining frequencies within the original blueprint of the DNA of the Corona virus with the vibration of the whale. The whales are the vital link with the Creation principles. And because of the unique capacity for whale consciousness to communicate in vast distances by entering the morphogenetic field, to send out the vibration into every bio organism of this virus to strengthen the RNA factor of the life giving principles within the origin of the genetics of Corona virus, to restore the vitality within every organism, every cell. The purpose of this transmission is  to connect to the source to restore the vitality within every cell of the Corona virus.  So that the Corona virus itself will heal the mutant strand when given an opportunity and energetic support. You are the human component and we are the guardians of life on Earth, Galactic Councils of Bio Diversity of the life force of Gaia, the Gaia Principle.

You are linked with the Galactic Team through the Arcturian Councils of Light that are contributing their consciousness to the resolution and healing of the mutant strand that was bonded to the original DNA of the Corona Virus. The Arcturians are masters of frequency and have implemented many healing modalities, healing technologies, with sound and light harmonics that  rejuvenate the bio-energics of life on Earth.

The consciousness of this transmission has already entered a collective quantum vibration. Even before the concepts could be manifest through words, the bio energetics of this transmission has already entered the morphogenetic field. It can only become stronger with awareness. It is important that Judith has activated the ascension group to work with the consciousness of love and to bring up the harmonic vibration of the negative ions  that generate loving vibrations in the collective, in the mind and in the perceptual  fields of human awareness. The negative ions sustain a higher vibration of love, light and harmony and the electromagnetic vibration of the planet is recovering from the initial shock. This is the key to the quantum reality, a system of balances and checks, resolution, restoration and rejuvenation.

It is not possible for any agenda to adversely affect the ability for humanity to ascend. That is why it is essential that the harmonics of Creation Codes that were given humanity are viable now. They have surfaced in the akashic field of the planet, empowering the God Particle within human consciousness on a DNA level which is genetic but also on an energetic level which is conscious of Oneness, union, love and harmony. Thus it is recommended that you share the Hyperborean tones of Creation with the 131313 soul group and this transmission to facilitate the balance and the rejuvenative qualities for the Corona virus to heal the mutant chemical agents. You are part of the formula for the bio genesis of Earth. Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

Judith: As I speak I can see the Arcturian Mothership and I can see them creating a hologram from this vibration of this transmission and it is resonating. They are creating a hologram and then they have a holographic Earth and they are bringing this hologram from this transmission right into the core energetics of the dynamics of the holographic Earth and transmitting frequencies, like generating it out, just like bee pollen. They are showing me the bee pollen and that this advanced quantum bio energetic holographic technology is being implemented through the Galactic Council for preservation, for the rejuvenation of life force energy on the planet. I clearly see the hologram of the Earth. I see a hologram created from the vibration of our ascension work and the transmission about the Corona virus healing itself and us helping it to heal itself.
I can see it in a hologram. I can see a holographic Earth and then I can see this beautiful harmonic. They are sensitive to the harmonics. The words are nice but the harmonics is essential from this transmission. So they have created that harmonic hologram and they are generating, resonating this vibration like pollen. Just allowing it to enter the living hologram of the Earth and the Earth is receiving it. I see Earth opening her holographic field as she receives this vibration in the morphogenetic field. It is already there. It is in the morphogenesis of the holographic Earth. And the vibration of the planet is rising.
The Galactic Federation is monitoring the Schumann resonance of the vibration of the negative ionic particles and that the vibration is rising.

Agnes: It is rising as we speak. (yes) It is rising because we need the real human body. We have to feel it in a very positive way. (yes) And I can see the morphogenetic field going everywhere, reacting and I can see that it is a blue light. There is some kind of light and I think it is a combination of Earth and Galactic co-creation.

Judith K. Moore © March 13, 2020