Message to Humanity from the Pleiadian Galactic Councils of Light
Humanity is being called to awaken the spirit that makes change possible.  The power of love is a force of Creation that requires co-creation and participation on the part of those who have been called by spiritual forces to awaken and to bring about the change that shifts reality.  The state of awakened consciousness truly makes a space to bring in the new light that is a constant vibration flowing from the inner planes and from beyond.  You are the vessels of Light who are receiving the constant vibration of higher frequencies that illuminate the hologram of reality.

We are the Pleiadian Galactic Councils of Light. We acknowledge that you are our human relatives. We are present now to assist you in this time of great challenge and change. We are supporting the shift in consciousness on Earth by sending the Earth waves and waves of Crystal Pleiadian light. Pleiadian crystal light resonates with the crystal components in the light particles of human DNA. The Pleiadian crystal light enhances your ability to connect to the eternal forces of life, the life giving energy that enhances the connection of the biospheres of the planet and humanity’s perception of reality.

The chaos is disturbing energy patterns that locked perception into fatalism, greed and manipulation. Everything is energy and the energy of these vibrations blocked human consciousness from the ability to make change possible. There are many factors to the transformation of reality. It is an alchemical process that is manifest from the Source of Oneness in Creation.  Your world has received the Genesis Particle from the Source of Creation. The Genesis Particle is a light particle, a genome (defined as a complete set of genetic material present in a cell or organism) that can only be described as the Light of Creation that was manifest in the beginning of life on earth and in the origin of human existence.  It is the God Force that activates new life, consciousness and begins the new eternal cycle of Oneness.  It is the beginning of all that is to be manifested in Creation on the Earth Plane.

The Genesis Particle is a natural force. It is a genome of light. The Genesis Particle is a pure particle of life giving energy from the Source of Oneness, from the power of Creation.  By the divine nature of Human consciousness humans are able to commune with the Divine Powers of Creation.  For a time humanity lost that vital connection but it is now returning.  The Original Human Blueprint is in synchronization with Creation. Separation is an illusion, you are truly part of the Oneness that sustains the viability of reality. Many of you have awakened to this truth, the truth that sets you free from the limitations of fear and separation.

The Pleiadian crystal light engages with the active forces of  Creation in the Genesis Particle creating a vibration that expands reality and opens the perceptual fields for new thought forms to emerge from old structures that limited humanity and repeated in patterns that were self-destructive.  Your Earth is infused from the cosmos with cosmic particles that are comprised of the genesis particle, which are light genomes, that enter the water molecules of the planet and react with the life giving force of water with a powerful God Force that is infinite and self-regenerating.

You are experiencing a catharsis, a purging and a cleansing which releases discordant energy patterns as the virus detoxifies the cellular components of life giving energy within the humans’ bio energetic.  Following this massive cleanse, there will be an insurgence of light, a miraculous power that comes from within human consciousness and inspires a vision of hope.

The Pleiadian DNA has been seeded on the Earth through the passages of time.  We are your human relatives.  The indigenous people call us their Star Ancestors.  e have colonized Earth in the past with our global relatives.  We seeded the Pleiadian DNA, and the Pleiadian Christ frequencies.  We also carry the divine blueprint from Creation that humans on Earth have which is called the Christ Consciousness.  In ancient times we became a part of humanity and forgot for a time that we were from other Star Systems.  Many of you are beginning to remember as your DNA is activated.  Human/Pleiadian DNA is a genetic code to cosmic consciousness that is quickening. The Pleiadian light codes are not only in human DNA, they are within planetary DNA.  Because your DNA is a microcosm to the macrocosm of All That IS.  You are part of the DNA of the Earth and share consciousness with every life form in existence.

The New Earth. Design: Cornelia Reimerink.

There was an ancient prophecy and promise for the return of the Star Ancestors.  We have returned and awakened our descendants.  We are here to help humanity, our relatives, through this time of massive change and uncertainty.  We have established vast support systems in the Pleiadian realms to support the life force of Earth, to energetically engage with the crystal vibration of life on Earth.  We call to you now to actively engage with the light particles in your DNA with the Genesis Particle and with the Pleiadian light codes.  You may do so simply by setting the intention to contact us energetically.  You may not get direct messages, some of you will, others will feel the vibration or sense the connection. Your divine intuition will guide you.

There will be a time in the future when you will know us as your relatives and friends. You are part of a galactic community in the higher order of light that will manifest on the Earth as it is doing so in incomprehensible ways now.  This is the renaissance of light. We ask that you perceive it as such and know that the good of the whole will be served. Please know that we are here to energetically support and love you through these uncertain times when your faith and your faith alone will guide you to the understanding that Creation is infinite. And there will indeed be a new beginning.  Please know that you can cooperate with Creation forming new potential for human existence and releasing that which does not serve life.

We see from a world beyond time as you know it. Our perspective is very different than your perspective from within the time continuum of Earth. We are able to see and understand the course of consciousness that is awakening in the human soul and expanding reality.  We share our vision with you.  Be the light you came here to be.  Share your light generously.  Let it flow in abundance.  It is a pure vibration of Love.  We invite you to connect to the Galactic Councils and engage with the power of love that we are sending you.  You are the vessels of light to receive our vibration and our love that enhances the capacity for change and the emergence of the new reality.

We see the quantum nature of time from our time spectrum, time is eternal. It flows with the vibration of All That IS. It is in harmony with the consciousness of love and the Infinite Source of Creation.  You may engage with quantum time which changes the nature of your reality. You have been required to go within, when you do you have the opportunity to engage with quantum time. You will see the rhythm of your life become more harmonious regardless of any chaos that is ensuing.  Yes you must feel what is happening around you but you do not need to be consumed by it, when you focus on your heart; the center of your being; and the Divine Power within you.  Be at peace knowing that this message brings a message of hope and inspiration and send it out in waves of light and love for all those who are fearful and experiencing this uncertainty.  Thus you become a part of sustaining the vibration of the genesis of light for the emergence of the new reality.

We encourage you not to be shortsighted by engaging in illusions but to open your consciousness to the gifts and the power of love.  Forgiveness is the key and gratitude the alchemy that shifts consciousness from duality and chaos into love and harmony.  Be aware of the impact greed has had on the ecosystem, forgive it and let it go.  Please do not feel the collective guilt.  Or certainly if you feel it transform it with love and let it go.  You personally are not destroying your world.  When you choose love you are helping to create the New Heaven, New Earth.  Have compassion for those who are still living in the illusion of separation and fear.  You will realize that you are able to manifest the new reality.  They will in time, sooner than what you can imagine.  When you realize the change you become an active part of the energetics of change that quickens the collective reality shift.  You are doing your part by being positive, having faith and inspiring hope.  You are doing your part by choosing love.

We are the Pleiadian Galactic Councils of Light.
Blessed be the harmony and the power of peace that has awakened the God Force on the Earth for the emergence of the new reality.
Blessed be, so be it and so it is.


Judith K. Moore © March 21, 2020

Transcribed by Sean Sands, edited by Judith and Sean